Thursday, April 20, 2017

Basir' Da Voice of Philly" R&B Will Never Be The Same

Basie' Da Voice" Of Philly

Basir Evans, better known as  #BasirDaVoice on Twitter is coming straight out of #Philly with his fresh new single called “When It Comes to You”, the track can be purchased and listened to on every multimedia platform online. Basir has a passion for music and you can pretty much feel it when you are caught in one his vibes, the 24 years’ young artist will have music hitting the billboard charts and there’s no doubt about that!

The R&B singer does not plan on stopping at music, his talents are not to be placed  in a box, Basir Evans can also be seen soon appearing in a new reality television show named "The Wife Life 360 that is being produced out his hometown Philadelphia as he expands his TV talents.

Basir has been doing music since he was a young child and I don’t see him stopping now, it’s to the top for the Hip-Hop/R&B singer, with a new single on the way out called “HennyThing” everything is possible for the city of brotherly love star. Da Voice of Philly is what they are calling him and his fans are more than supportive as you can find Basir’s song “When It Comes to You” along with tracks from his mix tape “The Heat Wave” all over social media being song by all Basir’s fans.

I took the time out to sit and listen to the rising star’s music and I was completely blown away by the beats and the lyrics, The Fresh Prince Of R&B fits him well. The music gives you that old-school but new vibe that most music is missing today. Basir, Da Voice, if you have yet to check for the artist I’m suggesting you do so or you can just wait until his wave hits you, the choice is yours, but seeing that his music is dope, the album titled “Introducing Basir” the artist is currently working on is going to be fire certainly. You can go download the hot new single today on iTunes and more!

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