Sunday, November 6, 2016

How are parents coping with this Spectrum? Autism on the rise!

Some believe autism is caused by vaccinations and seeing that the disorder is on the rise, that might not be a far fetched theory.

Imagine giving birth to perfectly healthy new born baby, only to learn some months later, even years in some cases, that your baby could be the 1 in every 50 children born on the Spectrum. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is more relevant in boys than in girls, but why is that? It could be that whatever the factor or environmental changes that are actually causing this outbreak, the boys brains are effected much differently than the girls and though this cannot be certain, it sure is ringing all types of bells.
The word "Autism" originated back in 1908 and was used to label schizophrenic patients and by the mid 1940's (ASD) was being talked about. This disorder has been brewing for sometime now and even with everything we've learned so far, we still have so much more to learn. By 1992 the government begin to offer special education services to the public school system so that teachers could assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and by now in 2016 (ASD) has become a huge topic of discussion. parents are asking for help and understanding on how they can better help their children.

Let's talk about it!

There are so many myths surrounding what, where and how Autism came from, but one thing that can be certain is Autism Spectrum Disorder is not going anywhere anytime soon and doctors, scientist and parents need to realize that there is no quick fix nor pill that can help children on the Spectrum. This disorder requires more mental healing, patience and more understanding that this new generation of young boys and girls with ASD will learn different, behave in away that may seem strange, but why wouldn't it? As people we view different as weird, strange and point fingers instead of trying to understand something new.
If you have a child with autism and you have your own unique ways that help with your son or daughter cope with their disorder, please share it here to help one another learn more about this Spectrum on the rise all together!

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