Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump & Hillary vs The People

The Bloodbath of the Century is happening now!

More Debating Less Bicker

This election has been some sort of circus, from Hillary throwing Trump under the bus for his unreported taxes and Trump teasing Hillary for mistakenly erasing thousands of emails,  people are angry.

Why is this debate so different from the rest?

Why is this debate so different from the rest? Well for one the people are pissed off. The United States are going through trying times right now, police officers killing unarmed black people, black lives matter vs all lives matter and the battles just keep rolling in. Nobody wants to admit it, but this election has turned into a circus.
People are so confused these days about the two candidates, there are a crowds of people refusing to even go out and vote come November 8th, people do not know what to expect. The 2016 election has been one of the most talked about topics this year, the republicans against the democrats vs the people who vow that neither candidate is worthy of being the next president of the United States!
Who would have ever thought that Donald Trump would be running to be the next president of the United States? I mean it makes our country look pretty terrible that just any old billionaire can skip out on paying taxes and still become the runner up for our new president, but than there's Hillary Clinton following in the steps of her husband and former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, fighting for a chance to make history as being the first woman president here in the U.S and that also told us a lie about mistakenly deleting over 39,000 emails that could possibly land her some stripes in a jail cell, yet we can't seem to figure out why this is election will become one of the hardest decisions the people had to make ever in the history of voting.
The people have a voice and many of them are saying this election is just not fair for the people. Sure, change is coming, but I have a feeling neither republicans, democrats or independents will like this change.

This picture just about sums it up what it is like to  be watching these debates between Trump and Hillary
Watching the debate is about equal to this photo

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