Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rihanna Tells Sarah Paulson "Don't Touch My Hair" Without Opening Her Mouth!

I don't know about you ,but this picture is GOLD to me! I mean we know that black folks get judged or even fired for the way we keep our hair at times, well dreads are one of them and Rihanna's expressions in this photo tell a whole story. Since hitting the Internet 3 days ago, the picture has just went super viral with tweets, Instagram and Facebook memes giving the photo thousands of different captions.

The picture is priceless. It really captures everything we already know to be true and like Solonge said; "Don't Touch My Hair" somethings are just for us! If wearing a certain hairstyle in the workplace prevents for a person to not do their job is the issue, that's just a bunch of nonsense to stray away from the real issue here, racism  on so many different levels against blacks are surely not a myth.

Rihanna reaction in this photo just made me an even bigger fan. It don't get no "doper" than this.... Lol  


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