Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Top 20 Baddest Instagram Models of 2016

Digital world today and these divas are cashing out on the multi-billion dollar business by modeling on the internet! A lot of these ladies have landed contracts, television shows and started their own businesses all while practically naked, guess this proves, SEX SELLS!

The Top 20 Instagram Models 2016 

Brittany Dailey

Brittany has been in a number of music videos with some of Hip-Hop's best players like; Snoop, Lil Wayne ,Akon and much more, but you probably remember he from Nick Cannons Wild N' Out seasons 5 & 6 and if you missed her that's fine, because the 29 year old has made a buzz for herself and is turning heads left and  right.


Yaris Sanchez 


This Dominican Republic born star is causing a wave in the Instagram world, she has been seen in plenty of music videos including Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz and a whole lot more. Yaris Sanchez will grab just about any guys attention with her dangerous curves and bold poses.


Jessica Marie

Jessica Marie is everything you think she is, BAD! This vixen has been in every ones music videos, but that's not all she is know for, she also runs a YouTube channel doing makeup tutorials and actually gives some amazing tips.


Jasmine Sanders

She calls herself the Golden Barbie on social media, this bright young star has been in the modeling game since 2005 and has modeled for plenty of big brands and you can't miss her on Instagram with over 500 pictures going viral. 


Bria Myles

Bria Myles also known as "MS. Coco Chanel" was featured in Nas video "Ghetto Dreams" and we have not seen her in any other videos since, but she can be seen on Instagram often, she keeps her page rolling. 


Stephanie Santiago

As the host of the show Uncommon Sense on MTV2 , this Instagram starlet has earned her right to be noticed. You can find her Twitter as well! 


Tanaya Henry

Tanaya Henry is more than just a pretty face, she also has her own fashion line called; Lace and has been seen on the big screen and is very popular on Instagram so go check her out. 


Dayami Padron

You can surely find Dayami Padron on Instagram but this latin television personality can be found doing a number of shows and modeling. 

Raven Tracy

This Instagram model has over a million followers and is on top of her game in cyber modeling and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Raven Tracy. 

Rosa Acosta

Coming in as our #11 pick is Rosa Acosta, the model, actress and fitness guru has the spotlight. Rosa's Instagram is "popping" to say the least, so if you have not heard about her, now you have. 

Irene The Dream

This Model has been seen in a few rap videos. Irene is an independent artist and back in 2012 she released her mixtape called; The Dream is Real! If you are on Instagram, you can't miss the vixen. 

Lira Galore

With over 3 million followers and being featured in a ton of videos, this Instagram model is out here doing her thing. The beauty has been tied to rapper Rick Ross and Drake, but she is back on the market guys. 

Keyshia Ka'oir

Better known to rap industry as  Keyshia Dior, this video vixen has turned herself into a mogul in the game. Recently she released her own fitness line and is making her money work for her these days. You can visit her on Instagram, you can't miss her. 

                                          Ms Lotta Bootie

Melyssa Milan AKA Ms A Lotta Bootie is not just a model on Instagram she is in the clubs as well working the strip clubs and racking up dollars. Melyssa is from Philadelphia and she is worth the follow so go check her out on Instagram. 

Ashlee Monroe

Instagram model for bookings? This vixen is anything but shy, she has the sex appeal and she is actually pretty funny with her short skits circling the web you are sure to find out  who Ms Monroe is and what;s she is all about.


Known for her snake long like tongue, she is all over the internet and Instagram, but she is not just a Instagram model, she is a well known porn star and she isn't shy one bit. 


This Instagram model prefers to be called a blogger and she calls herself the Thick Vegan. E L K E has over a million fans and is available for bookings. 


I know you have seen her, she has been on the top of the list for Instagram models for a few years now and has been on reality TV shows and has made a name for herself very rapidly, but if you have not seen her, i suggest you go push the follow button on Draya's page. 

Bernice Burgos 

Bernice has been seen more often these days, rather it is on Instagram, a rap video or with her own brand called the Bold and Beautiful, with over 2 million followers, this young starlet is going to be noticed one way or another. 


Deelishis is everywhere these days, you might remember her from the reality show Flavor of Love, but she is running the Instagram model world right now with her new look and killer curves, she has a lot going on for her right now. Born Chandra Davis, has been in plenty of rap videos and has even admitted to sleeping with Drake, but know need for an introduction I'am sure you know her name. 


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