Monday, January 30, 2017

Amazon wants your cash & your Food Stamps

Amazon is the future of Shopping

Amazon is certainly not alone when it came time to decide to start accepting Food Stamps, Amazon along with a few other online retailers have made the choice to do so as well. The project itself is in pilot mode to test out the program that will allow more than 42 million SNAP participants the option to purchase their groceries online. Amazon has decided to take part in the pilot program over the next two years starting this summer in almost ten states. Included in those states will be New York, New Jersey and Washington just to name a few. 

I myself think this a great idea, some people will complain or insist that those receiving SNAP already have too many options, but the way I see is; new world today and things have to change for everyone, not just those that are more fortunate. The elderly will definitely benefit from the change, because they for one are not always able to make it the store, which forces them to spend all their SNAP benefits in corner stores and other convenient stores that charge them an arm and a leg just for the basics. The decision not only a brilliant idea, it is proving what I've been saying about Amazon for years, they are the future of shopping and they were way ahead of the game when they first hit the scene back in 1994. 

People hate to admit it but Amazon will be the core blueprint of how we do business in every aspect of our lives. It will change the way we work, shop, read a book, make extra cash and grow our business. The way I see it, Amazon has a genius idea after another guiding us through this digital age straight into the future.  

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