Monday, January 30, 2017

Flint, Michigan, Rescued By Nearly 300 Plumbers

Nice People Do Still Exist And Flint, Michigan Got To Witness It First Hand

Though a year has passed I still find this story intriguing how more than 300 Local 370 plumbers gathered in Flint, Michigan, to help residents by installing filters and making repairs to help erase an issue they had nothing to do with. The plumbers installed faucets also in more than 700 homes and it is said that those faucets were about $ 100 each and since Flint's below poverty level is a whopping 40%, so we know the residents of Flint were super grateful as well as thankful for the Local 370 coming their aid to help as much as possible. 
Baby Bottle Contaminated in Flint clear in Detroit

Flint, Michigan is nothing short of a tragedy for all the residents that have to go through this, not just risking their own lives but the lives of innocent babies and children. How can one sleep at night knowing they did absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening as if it would all just go away on its own. 

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