Saturday, November 5, 2016

30,000 People living with HIV in Philadelphia

Imagine having to take a ton of medicine everyday for the rest of your life, seems unreal to someone who does not know much about that life, but the CDC reports that nearly 30,000 people in the Philadelphia region is living with HIV today and for those people consuming pills like candy daily is a reality. HIV/AIDS has been here for some time now and knowledge of ways to prevent or survive this deadly disease is all around us, but still some people choose to stay ignorant to such valuable information. The more we know, the better we are.

There are a lot of new talk circling the web that researchers are very close to a cure a AIDS and it has been a long time coming, but if a cure is closer than we think do you believe that everyone living with this deadly disease will gain access to this so called new drug? Everything seems to be surrounding money these days, politics say they want to help with better health care options, but somehow money is always the topic with every issue in this country. People need to be constantly reminded how important it is to practice safe sex these days, especially the youth, for they make up a huge part of the percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS and sadly some don't know they have it until it is already too late and transmitted to dozens of other people in most cases. I would think in  this day and age with Google YouTube and the Internet people would stay well informed on these topics, but nobody cares until it has hit their front door. 

AIDS/HIV do exist! People need to know that while it is your right to sleep with whomever you decide, it is also your right to protect yourselves. Scientist continue to work on a cure, but as of right now there is no cure for this disease and everyone living with this disease does not always have to appear sick and the more information you inquire about this growing epidemic, the safer you be. 

GO GET TESTED... it does not have to be a scary thing if you are taking care of yourself and understanding how to stay protected. 

Do you know someone living with this disease? or have you lost anyone to AIDS/HIV? share your story below, you ever know could help save a life or inspire someone to seek medical attention. 

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