Friday, November 4, 2016

Philadelphia Gun Violence Is Out Of Control

November 3, 2016 chilly night in Philadelphia, but still the streets are hot! In the Logan section of the city tonight a 22 year old man was left with 5 bullets in him and rushed to Albert Einstein Hospital where he was listed in critical condition. 

In South Philly a call came in from several drivers that there was a fire under Passyunk Ave overpass. When the fire department arrived and finally put out the blaze they quickly discovered a badly burned body laying on a mattress was the cause for the awful blaze. 

Stories like these have been so common in the city of Philadelphia, violence, especially gun violence seems to be out of control. With so many young people losing their lives by the age of 25, people are almost terrified to step foot out of their front doors. 

While the 2016 presidential elections are just days away and Septa being on  day 3 of their strike, sending the city into a traffic jam, some families can't even think about dealing with either of those issues, which may cause issues for the voting polls, because they have to mourn the lost of their loved ones at the hands of gun violence. There are families suffering from an unexpected death in their family due to senseless gun violence everyday in Philadelphia and the people are practically begging for it to stop, but the city's death toll just continues to rise. 

This out of control gun violence has taken over the streets of Philly. We as people can sit back and depend on the government to figure out which gun laws are needed or why getting the guns off the streets and out of the hands of these dangerous individuals or we can stand as one and help assist all efforts to produce change on OUR streets! 

The violence in Philadelphia has the whole city crying for lives cut short of fathers, mothers, sons, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunties and uncles, generations of families being broken and struck with mental illnesses left behind from the loved ones lost at the hands of police officers and their own.

Nobody will be able to uplift and rebuild our urban communities but us living in these neighborhoods. A lot of the criminals in our communities are practically babies, 14 year, 16, 19 year old teens forced to raise themselves, but who will feel their pain? Somebody has to if we want to help change something we must first learn to understand how we ended up here in the first place. 

What can you do to help change gun violence? Even if you save one, we have to start somewhere. 

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