Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Black Lives & White Laws" By:Lenora Haynes

Stop Police Brutality 

"Black Lives & White Laws" is a mini book By myself, Lenora Haynes and from my series of books called Straight Talk With Lenora Haynes, just one book of many due to come out in the next few weeks. 
Today is November 6, 2016 and yet racism in America has us divided and at some point, I think it's best if we all just agree to disagree. Racism will always be an issue in America until we acknowledge that this problem even exist. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges and police officers, just to name a few, that are pretending to not be racist in public, but go home and break bread and converse at their tables behind closed doors with white supremacy.  

Who do you call the cops on?

Here's the thing! You can't tell  black people all lives matter, because we know different and we know they don't to white supremacy hiding behind white laws and organized titles. White America are placed in positions and giving titles to assure that minorities don't succeed or get ahead. can you see that? I f not, you are in denial and like so many that feel like the fight for black rights, black lives matter and equality isn't fair to all lives. 

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I also have a novel I wrote that has yet to be published called "Never Uttered a Word till Now" based around true facts talking about the generational curse and mental illnesses most people are born into, but never acknowledge

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