Monday, November 7, 2016

Septa reaches a 5 year deal just in time for Election Day!

November 7, 2016 Septa's strike has finally came to an end after a week long strike left  people strained and angry. Now that the strike has come to an end and the Septa workers are satisfied with their 5 year deal, the financial and emotional hardships are still left behind for a lot of people in the Philadelphia region. Some people have lost their jobs, missed school assignments, but Septa has sent their gratitude for their riders patience during this strike. 

In Time For Election Day

I was one of the people that felt bad for the people that depend on Septa everyday in order to reach their destination, but I could not be mad at the workers, because the fight was definitely worth it. The workers were gagged out of their prior agreement on pensions, heath care plans and other benefits that were never giving , because they say management cut them out the deals that were made, so the fight was well worth the future of benefits that are owed to those 4,100 plus Septa workers that work extremely hard day in and day out.

The traffic can now get back to its regular scheduled waiting times, because the streets were missing Septa. it was way too much traffic with everyone driving their cars, bikes and crowding the streets racing through. I know, i had to sit hours in the traffic while the strike was going on and I'am glad to say WELCOME BACK SEPTA!!!


The Strike Is Over

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