Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Female Rap Emcees Spotted Underground But On Top At "Esoteric Elegance"

Esoteric Elegance

"Become Mainstream Underground"

Bringing Underground Hip-Hop Female Emcees Together

"Esoteric Elegance" was structured to further spread the message of the independent female artist that sometimes get snubbed but in opinion are the foundation of a vast majority in Hip Hop and Rap music. The objective is to compile emcees from across the world helping them to convert their lyrical messages, broadening their fan base and growth through different audiences.  As we move forward "Esoteric Elegance" is projected to be a recognized source throughout diverse countries for “Indie” female Hip Hop  and Rap music. This is the future! "

"Female Rap Emcees Spotted Underground But OTop"


 Loyalty. Integrity. Trust,  L.I.T or like the young people would say "Litty" everything about "Esoteric Elegance" screams fire. Back in the 80's female artist were nearly running the game, but decades later lady emcees are overlooked and brushed by easily and "Esoteric Elegance" are bringing the spotlight back on female unsigned rap artist and spreading their voice underground in order to help them reach their mainstream audience. This is really dope if you ask me and long overdue. Not only does this bring all the unsigned female artist together, it represents a bond of sisterhood and the uplifting of women while exceeding a level of  diversity that goes without notice.

"Esoteric Elegance" is a brand that stays true to its "L.I.T" foundation, built from the ground up just as the artist it works with and staying true to the passion of the female artist all around the world.The website is funky, bright and full of life, filled with the artist journey as they wait in line for their time to shine.

The websites Authors consist of Bogue Batho and myself Lenora Haynes. We are dedicated to female artist and in the future of Hip-Hop. If you are a female artist on the rise or know of any female artist fell free to email us at

Esoteric Elegance

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