Sunday, November 13, 2016

Five Female Rappers That Should Have Inspired

Let's face it, female rappers never get the credit they deserve, but some lady MCs are so bad, you can't miss them shining and can only be inspired by their bright lights!

Here are our Top 5 picks of Female Rappers that can t be ignored and inspire the world!

Da Brat

Born in Chicago, Illinois Shawntae Harris better known to her fans as Da Brat was the first female solo rap artist to sell a million copies in 1994 when her  debut album Funkdafied went platinum. 

How can anyone not feel her? she made history in the game and even though she came off rough she left us with something sweet to listen to and the next generations of LADY MCs with much to be inspired by.

Nicki Minaj

And she wins again!
Nicki Minaj has broke through barriers and cause a huge wave in the rap game. Not only does this talented gem rap, she writes and sings as well. With a total of 96 awards and 142 nominations, it is safe to say there has to be a moment in life for you to be inspired by! 

This starlet has every reason to shine bright like a diamond and show off and that is exactly what she does with sow she puts on. Nicki Minaj has giving women everywhere a voice with some base and she is not finished yet, my guess is this "Bad Bitch" not  going nowhere for some years to come. 

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott 

Missy! The songwriter, dancer, rapper, producer and rapper has been living her mark in the world since hit the scene in as a solo artist in 1997 with her debut album Supa Dupa Fly which rocketed to #3 on the billboard charts. 

This woman talents has no limits, working beside Timbaland to produce some of the best entertainers of our time like; Aaliyah, Total, Lil Kim and much more. If she does not come up in your Hip-Hop conversations, you my dear do not know Hip-Hop!

Lil Kim "The Queen Bee"

You do not bring up Hip-Hop without our girl Lil Kim, she has been turning heads and creating trends for more than a decade, but she does not just rap, Kim also is an actress, songwriter and philanthropist.   
The Queen Bee came out of Brooklyn, New York and it wasn't until 1995 when she ripped a freestyle for  The Notorious B.I.G that her career took flight. Kim joined B.I.G's  Junior M.A.F.I.A and their debut album Conspiracy, but her wave did not stop there, by 1996 Kim released  Hard Core which went double platinum. The Queen Bee was on fire and by 2003 she had put out two other albums  The Notorious K.I.M. and  La Bella Mafia which both were certified platinum. This female rap goddess was the only female rapper with 3 platinum albums besides her good friend and industry buddy  Missy Elliott were the only female MCs that reach that level of success. 

How can you hate this woman? Kim not only came form the streets, she turned her struggle from the streets into dollars, success and a legacy for female rap artist everywhere to be inspired and encouraged to go out and follow their dreams, no matter how hard they are, she just makes you think hey I can do it!  No doubt about it Kim had a huge impact in Hip-Hop for the ladies. 

The number one spot can only belong to one woman in my eyes, she is educated, creative and one of a kind!

Lauryn Hill

Let us bow our heads, for Ms. Lauryn Hill also known as  L- Boogie is one of the most influential Female vocalist of our times. Ms Hill started her journey with a group known as the  Fugees, but just when we thought she would stay paired up, she went solo later in her career and dropped one of the greatest albums of all time with "The Miseducation of Lauryn" Hill. The album won more records than we count and broke sales records a number of times and took everyone to class while doing it. Besides winning a host of awards, Lauryn Hill made history in the rap game and still today her solo album is being played and sold all across the world.

I adore this woman, she has poured her heart in soul into music and it shows. Safe to say that the rap game wouldn't be the same for female MCs if Lauryn Hill never had the courage to branch off from her former group and bless us with the only solo album she has ever did. This is inspiration at its best. This is one Female rapper that can't be replaced.  

Beauty & Brains

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