Friday, November 18, 2016

Philadelphia's Badlands Area Has Become A Morgue

Philadelphia's Badlands Area Has Become A Morgue After 50 People Overdose On Heroin

Heroin is wiping people out at an alarming rate
Some of the purest Heroin has a death grip on several stomping grounds in Philadelphia. On November 17th, 2016 more than 50 people overdosed in the city's "Badlands" section and throughout North Philly. Police are currently waiting on lab results on the hazardous quantity of drugs that nearly killed this large group of people.

No deaths have been reported as of yet, but authorities suggest that number could possible spike if they don't get this drug off the streets.

Are Prescription Drugs Really To Blame? 

A man is caught on tape overdosed on a Septa Bus

Heroin is already a dangerous drug, but this batch has cops lurking to get this super drug off the streets, they say this drug can be cut with rat poison and other synthetic opioids like W-18 which can cause Heroin to become 10,000 times more stronger than morphine. The drug overdoses have been on the rise this past year and something must be done quick or we will be reading more headlines just like this one. 

This is a huge issue, people can easily gain high tolerance to painkillers and prescription drugs causing them to go out and seek that ultimate high and that high would be Heroin unfortunately a lot of times, but who is really to blame? The drug dealers? The prescription companies? Doctors? or the addicts themselves? I'm not sure any one of them can be singled out, because it seems this is a puzzle of a mess that needs to be brought under control before the next overdose tsunami happens,.

Drugs on the Rise

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