Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is Septa's strike wrong or right?

What is really going on with Septa? I mean who is responsible for this strike, could it be the overworked Septa employees or is it the greedy union leaders taking advantage of an opportunity to ask for more money? Whomever it is, one thing is for certain, almost the whole city of Philadelphia is feeling the devastation of this strike. People are missing work, children are not making it to school and some that are ill say they rely on Septa for the most part to get them to and from their much needed appointments, but the people seem to think the Septa workers are being unfair and ungrateful in these trying times where a lot of individuals say it's so hard to find a job today. 

I feel the Septa workers pain, imagine working somewhere for 20 years and not really having much to show for it and on top of that the long days and hard work that puts ware and tare on their bodies with limited health coverage, but isn't this life for almost every working American? If we are going to fight, let's fight as one!Why not fight for more companies to have a union so that this unfairness stops for everyone, not just Septa. The people that depend on Septa daily are the ones that will suffer all the way around, they must suffer through the strike only to turn around and suffer more from increasing fares once the strike is over, so I think the Septa employees need to reconsider their compassion with the people who are the reason they even have a job to begin with, the riders. 

This is just one opinion, my opinion, but feel free to tell me what you think about the strike and if it's right or wrong. 


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  2. I understand exactly why they are on strike, septa never honored the contract and wanted to decrease what was gained last time this occurred..so its less of a strike then it is a lock out by the company.. They are strong arming their labor force into submission... And the union failed them the last two times just to get people back to work because they were broke last time they went on strike...their benefit package is horrible, its zero revenue sharing at all, they pay too much for meds and they stopped contribution to the retirement package to recoup the money in wage in a competitive market..they have the highest fares in the country for public transportation, and some of the lowest salaries nationally that they pay, their starting hourly rate for drivers is less than $13 an hr...pitiful, medical assistants make more lol..septa is always in the black and refuses to compromise and pay their fair share of healthcare benefits.. People who get Obama care has better coverage than septa employees... And the Union was powerless to change anything.. They tried to renegotiate the contract before it ended and was told FOH... And then they went to the Media and told everyone that the union was going to strike before the Union decided it needed to in bad faith after being told that septa administrative board would g back to them and to wait...again FOH basically lol..so, the drivers and operators and the rest don't owe the people anything, their obligation is to take care of their families same as ours is...not hard to get, if we ain't going thru it how can anyone have an opinion when they don't understand what the issue is..put yourself in their shoes after finding out what's at stake and the real issues..fairness and them shirking labor laws and keeping the spoils..and CEO's making high 7 figure salaries... Along with zero regulation or accountability. Typical corporate modus operandi in the USA, Reaganomics at its Apex... More proof that the trickle down effect is completely bogus. The poor help the rich stay rich and get more crumbs??? Lmao negative and as ludicrous as fools gold, while the media tricks the masses into blaming the victims, demonizing the employees who live under the national poverty line...lower middle class is 80k-280k annually per household... If u make under that u are under the poverty line and in both cases can't afford to pay or college for your kids out of pocket, so much for the "American dream" lol, the facts are Republicans want it this way, less education, more race related votes and partisanship based policies which keep the poor just that...poor....economics at its basic level in a capitalist economy.