Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jill Stein is filing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania

Jill Stein is filing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania

What is next ?

Jill Stein Overwhelmed By All The Support For Recount Fundraiser

Well there you have it! The Green Party believes there could possibly be some fraudulent traces left behind after this election and they aren't the only ones, because apparently millions of protesters are in agreement. If in fact there are some evidence found of tampering with the polls, what happens next? Jill Stein is convinced that we will never know unless we check and her campaign has already raised 5 million dollars to start the recount mission.

Could This Be The Future?
I live here in Pennsylvania in the city of Philadelphia and my spouse went to the pools and voted because I made sure he did, but when we received his voting report card in the mail, it states that he did not vote at all, so I'm wondering just how many people did this happen to and why! Pennsylvania is not the only state being recounted, Wisconsin and Michigan as well.

This election does not feel like any other, something is off or maybe people just don't want to accept Donald Trump as our president of the United States, but I'd have to agree with Jill Stein and the entire Green Party, because people are complaining and expressing that their votes never went through. The recount might not have found anything as of yet but like Jill Stein said "we will never know until we check" and if the government wants people to believe more in voting, they must make sure each vote counts!


  1. I absolutely agree with a re-count, like I said before I'd had picked the lesser of two evils "not him"

    1. Yes Marcil Vote didn't count it never went through for some reason smh