Monday, November 21, 2016

Kanye West Died November 10, 2007

Kanye West Lost and Gone

Kanye West loses it while on his Saint Pablo Tour after going on a 10 minute sound off about Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Facebook's very own Mark Zuckerberg. Fans were outraged after West finished his rant, he stormed off stage and canceled the show on Saturday in Sacramento, California. 

This disturbing meltdown occurred just a few days before his recent wired behavior today, November 21,2016, the news reports blew up all across the internet, that Kanye West had to be forcefully taken to the hospital out in LA. While Kanye is reported to be okay, the health scare is really serious. It is believed that the reason for the visit to the hospital was for a  psychiatric evaluation, which West had to be dragged away, because he did not want to go. 

Kim Kardashian was spotted boarding a private jet rushing to her husbands side and this comes just a few weeks after Kim's traumatic experience in Paris when she was robbed at gunpoint for more than a 11 million in jewelry. 

It seems as if this family can't catch a break. 

Kanye West secretly died on the inside November 10, 2007 when his mother passed away after a plastic surgery procedure went terribly wrong. The megastar just appeared to have never been the same and shortly after his mother's death Kanye was making headlines more and more. 

This is the same rapper that insist that he will run for president in the 2020 elections, the dude that hops on stage and puts himself and others on "blast" with no regard to how crazy he must look, but are you surprised? I know I'm not, not even a little bit and what I'd rather know is how didn't the people that love him and that are in his life get him some help sooner! Why wait until his life is compromised and make a frenzy in front of the world? Far to often, we as a society like to ignore things we do not understand, instead of gaining knowledge on the issue and improve it rather than allow it to parish. 

Sure, Kanye West seems to be jerk at times, but I don't want to see anyone lose their sanity for the sake of ignorance and laziness. 

I would like to take this time to extend my support and encouragement to our brother Kanye West in his time of need, seeing that the media will only continue to floor this issue for ratings and propaganda with hopes that the story on the Rap Star will get even juicer.

Shake It Off Kanye

Dear Kanye

Aren't you the man who told us "to the wire through the fire"
the same brother that had us screaming "Jesus walks" through the club and the same one that made us believe you're "a mother fucking monster" Where is that power at now? We believed in you, even admired you. How you going let the media get one up on you, damn now they have control of you. No matter what the people say, fuck the media too. I understand losing your mother left you sick with the flu, so they told you to take one or two then they said fuck take more than a few. Pop pills, hit the hills and share your thrills, now you feeling like where you motherfuckers that talk that they care about you?  Be strong Kanye, pull through! Some of us understand you, we can see exactly what you're going through. 

Too often we have put Kanye down for his outrageous behavior, but why are we so quick to criticize before we offer help? Mental health is a huge problem all across the world and we are not dealing with it, instead we are smacking labels on people, feeding them pills and putting little effort into the improvement of helping those not handling life too well. We are praying for you Kanye West and wishing for you to find the strength to shake it off and tell a million more haters to kiss your ass. 

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